I am amongst millions of others who understand that abortion is the American Holocaust and that the Prolife Movement is the new Abolitionist cause, no matter what legal cover might be on the law books.

There is not one of us who is here to condemn. Certainly not me. Nor are we here to forgive. Ain’t our job. Good God, there but the Grace go I and so many others.

We are here to sow, to water and the rest belongs to a Merciful God.

That said, film is an extraordinary tool to promote and yes, “evangelize”.

As the Director of “Unplanned” said in an out-take interview: “If the Apostle Paul was with us today, he would likely be making a movie”. I don’t doubt it.

And I don’t doubt also, that it is an obscenity to think that the American Taxpayer is providing over a half-billion dollars of taxpayer funding to a so-called “nonprofit” organization that took in 1.9 billion dollars overall.

Go see this film. Tell all the others in your life about this film. Abortion has touched all of us in one way or another. You know that. I know that. This is about everyone’s rights and that includes the Preborn. And please, do not dare to accuse me or others of “judging” or “condemning” others. I never have, never will and I reject those who do.

So, I will be quiet now. As I am fond of saying…

Nuff’ said!


P.S. For those who are curious (and old enough) about the notoriously false claim by Planned Parenthood that “only 3%” of their monies are spent on aborting babies, I offer you this from my High School math class days. Fr. Gregory opened the class by saying he would debunk the (then) famous Ivory Soap commercial claim that it was “99 and 44/100th’s pure soap”. There is an easier and clearer version of that math/statistics trick for the rest of us here.

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