Perhaps nothing in our Prolife Abolitionist movement proves to be quite as disgusting as what the New York, Virginia and the Vermont Legislatures have done over the past months… and celebrated! I have talked to a number of Democrats over the past few weeks and they are equally horrified. Good God, women and men are now permitted to take an Innocent’s life right up to the minute of birth, for any reason… and not even by an abortionist doctor?

And in the event of a failed abortion and live birth, the child can be executed right on the table? What could possibly motivate or justify such brutal, callous disregard for the Preborn?

Gone is the bogus argument made for years by the pro-abortion forces about “fewer and safe” abortions as even non-physicians are permitted to abort children now.

Gone is the sexual assault argument as apparently “any” reason is enough reason.

Goodbye to the bogus “reproductive health” argument.What does killing an out of the birth canal, delivered, on the table child have to do with the reproductive “health” of the mother?

It seems to me that the only remaining “reproductive health” argument that is left is the one that could by made by a dead little girl who should be allowed to have her own children decades after being killed just “because”.

Incredibly, the same legislation is now being floated in other states, very likely including yours and actually in my State of Connecticut.

Over the years I have advocated that life begins at conception and that abortion is, at its core, the taking of Innocent life, even when it is the result of sexual assault. As a well-known U.S. Army General, himself conceived in rape has said without obfuscation: “Two wrongs still don’t make one right”

Those who know me, know that I have always tried to be respectful and never shrill with those who disagree with me on abortion. There but for the Grace of God, go I. My job is sowing or watering seed and I leave it to my Merciful God to bring home the Harvest. I do my job, He does his.

But this much I am quite sure of…

Left unmolested in the womb, babies become babies. I know that first hand. So do most people. Just last month, a set of 22 week-old twins were born and celebrated for all the life that has yet to come. Babies.

And yes, I get that life is complicated and very hard at times but all too often panicked emotions, and false pretexts (including “the law”) provide cover for what people know is truly right or truly wrong. I am not here to judge that. Ain’t my job.

But this much I also know…

The result of abortion no matter how much you try to minimize it or dismiss it is catastrophic for the baby and all too often emotionally and spiritually catastrophic for the mother… the father whether he is a responsible father or not.

And yes, I’ve heard the “my body”, it’s “none of my business” argument hundreds of times. Well, in one sense that’s true. On the other hand, in 95 to 97% of pregnancies, a “choice” was made before pregnancy. That includes a father.

Unwanted children are a burden on society. Oh, please. Stop. If that was ever true, it is no longer the case today. There are thousands of childless couples who are anxious to adopt and love children born from “unwanted” pregnancies.

The fact is, neither you nor I have the slightest idea of what is to become of children conceived or born under difficult circumstances. I know of at least one Army General, an American beauty Queen, the young man who checked me out at the grocery store yesterday (I helped his Mom make the choice to have him) and thousands of others who prove that the “unwanted” argument it is the straw-dog it has always been.

Frankly, I am particularly heartsick as I write this today. Why?

Aside from the obvious killing-culture sanctioned in these Democrat-dominated State Legislatures, the U.S. Senate had the opportunity to draw a line in the sand and declare that when a child is born as a result of an unsuccessful abortion, that child should have the rights and protections afforded by our Constitution of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

Only three Democrats voted for that protection and even worse two Republicans voted against what most Americans see as Infanticide. Apparently, “separating children from their mothers” only matters to the Democrat Party when you are talking about illegal immigrants.

In fact, soon after these horrific bills were passed in a couple of Legislatures, a reputable poll reported that 70% of Democrats and 76% of self-reported Independents objected to their own party’s stance in this vote against this barbarity.

And just as obviously there are no bounds in the leadership of the Pro-Abortion, Democrat party. The Democrat Party may have once been the party of Roosevelt and Kennedy but it is no longer so. It is now clear to any reasonable, rational person that the pro-abortion movement has been unmasked for what it has always been – abortion is the Democrat Party’s Sacrament.

And to think you, the American Taxpayer, contribute a half-billion dollars every year to this slaughter… so that Planned Parenthood (among others) can generate billions more in profits within a nonprofit legal entity. Nuts.

I leave you this day with the testimony from some happy-to-be-alive, thankful not to have been executed at birth, human beings below.

My guess is that you will recognize at least some of them because they got to live their lives and speak out. Not so, 3,000 babies every day in America.

I will finish this Rich’s Rant with one last image. It’s one of my lifetime favorites.

Say hello to my Mom (on the left with my Aunt) somewhere in Germany some 66 years ago in the days before I was conceived.

All of my Dad’s brothers had served during “War Two” in the Army Air Corps. My Dad being the youngest, was to become part of the newly named U.S Air Force in 1952… right about the time that my Mom’s “favorite” son (a fun game we have among me and my three siblings) came into life. The first nine months were particularly cozy, warm and special.

Thanks, Mom! I can’t tell you how glad I am to be here with you still some six decades later!

Onward and “toujours”…

P.S. The image at the top of this post of the little girl watching her new little brother or sister being born into a tub of water, was gently borrowed from one of the most impressive Prolife sites I have ever seen, called “cultureshift“. Do visit them. A gentle warning though – be prepared to be challenged no matter which “side” you are on.

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