As we have mentioned in another post, CauseACTION has had a long and varied journey… but one that was always predicated on action and our belief that we could “move the needle”.

One of the great tools in informing and moving people to action is film.

In 2013, CauseACTION’s Founder, Rich Lepoutre of “Rich’s Rants” became more involved with helping Gold Star Families and the very particular and painful trial that they endure when their Fallen Hero loved ones are taken from their lives in conflict.

That passion, led me to one of the great friendships and blessings in my life, my good friend and (now) CauseACTION-affiliated Founder of Dreyfus Films where I now function as Chief Executive Officer.

Jimmy and I were brought together through another good man and friend who recognized the passion both Jimmy and I had for film and the opportunity to tell an important Gold Star Family story written by Jimmy. We were not alone.

And so like many other things, the difference between being “aware” or “saying it” lies in doing it. And low-and-behold, when you try… and try again even, something good and great can and does happen.

What happened is an important story told in our film “The Fence”.

When I nervously had the opportunity to show the film to Bonnie Carroll, herself a Gold Star Wife, former White House West Wing Official and head of one of the most prominent Gold Star Family organizations in the country, she and her right-hand team member (also a Gold Star Family Sister) turned slowly my way. “How did you even manage to do this,?” she asked (as neither Jimmy nor I had served).

“I am not entirely sure” I responded, “we just did the very best we knew how… just like you, your Gold Star Families and our men and women in the field do their very best”.

The following Memorial Day Weekend, Jimmy and I were honored to show the movie for all three days of the Memorial Day long weekend at Arlington National Cemetery. Barbecue never even crossed our minds. We were too busy trying not to cry.



For you “Filmies” out there or just those who wonder at the how, “The Fence” was shot entirely on the Connecticut Shoreline on what is referred to as a “pocket-lint” budget. The flashback battle scene you see in the trailer was shot at the local town dump. True that.

But know this – what made it believable were the half-dozen CT Army Reservist who had fought in Mosul during the particularly bad times in Iraq, a friend and actor from “The Sopranos”, a Middle School teacher and actor who had lost his leg in a car accident, a local naturalized citizen U.S. citizen from Iraq who owned the Subway franchise who fed the actors and crew and extraordinarily talented Film Editor who lives nearby and the old-fashioned faith and guts of a guy who I am proud to call my friend, Jimmy Driscoll.

My point is this – The Fence would be shown at Arlington National Cemetery during a Memorial Day Weekend only because as Yoda famously said to young Luke Skywalker: “Do, not say”. You are no less capable to move the needle in your way just as soon as you decide to do so.

For more on “The Fence” please visit us here.

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