CauseCARDS are a unique and extremely effective CauseACTION tool and we have just re-launched our postcard flood to Attorney General Robert Barr insisting that as Citizens, Hillary Clinton and the Deep State operators be investigated.

Here is why CauseCARDS have proven so effective.

CauseCARDS are the combination of new social media propagation combined with the “old school” effectiveness of tens (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of physically-mailed postcards being delivered to the Representatives and key influencers.

Yes, it turn out that “Old Dogs” can learn new tricks.

Nothing quite says “Please pay attention” like sacks of mail being delivered the “old-fashioned” way.

Think back on the Judge in the famous Christmas movie “A Miracle on 34th Street” as the Bailiffs haul sack upon sack of children’s mail into the Courtroom.

In fact, this is very much the way we got Facebook in 2013 to finally pay attention to the thousands of pedophiles who were openly using Facebook as their meeting place AND to exchange criminal pedophile content (both images and video) among themselves, in complete, undeniable violation of both State and Federal law. When some 225,000 personalized postcards showed up in one day at their Mountainview, CA Corporate Headquarters one day, they knew they could no longer ignore the problem… even though they had successfully fended off the FBI and State Police of multiple states for years under so-called “safe-harbor” laws.

So, join us now as we flood AG Barr’s office with these postcards.

Later this month we will roll-out two other Campaigns you may want to also consider. We aim to move the needle and with you never more to be ignored.

Please trust me on this.

I have sat in front foyer wait rooms on Capitol Hill and the Rayburn Senate building, after passing through all manner of (appropriate) security checks…

… nothing quite freaks out your Representatives out as much as a call from the mailroom from a junior staffer saying “what do I do with all these pallets of postcard”?

Now/ Please send them.

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