Visit CauseACTION’s “Countable” Activity Center hand plug-in to a vibrant conversation on where you will be able to share your informal votes on issues that we and other raise, get well-curated, unbiased summaries of legislation currently before Congress and then have your votes, comments and even your video comments sent to your Representatives.

A gentle warning: Countable has positioned itself as a bi-partisan, unbiased platform. After reviewing that claim carefully and personally using the platform, we are inclined to agree. But know this, folks – the Left has always been much better at this kind of social media technology and communication than the Conservative Right.

The Left’s “ActBlue” website, for example, has raised over $3.2 billion since 2004. That gets funneled to everybody from Hillary to PlannedParenthood to all manner of “Green”, disguised Socialist campaigns in their universe. We, on the Right have no such equivalent. This is why we often lose this battle, especially with younger people.

CauseACTION is here to foster compelling, respectful policy positions. So, try not to let your head pop off and if you browse around beyond the CauseACTION Activity Center and above all else if you vote and/or comment, be cool. Clear and respectful, helpful commentary is what will win over a growing number of folks in the middle.

Whether we can ever convince an ever-so-shrill number of people who hate you and your principles, President Trump, I cannot say.

But we think Countable is an honest effort to foster just such dialog. We’ve been using and commenting on the platform for some time before releasing it to CauseACTION’s audience. There are a good many Conservative voters on board at Countable, but there are even a more significant number of people who did not get the civics lessons I got in School. But that is what we are up against in 2019. Have your say with a vote, but always be cool to be convincing.

A final and important note about Countable – Countable’s Team takes the time to take proposed Legislation before Congress and boil it down into an intelligible, no-spin summary form where you are invited to vote.

Your “vote” gets passed on to your State Representatives in both the House and Senate and you will get regular updates by email as to the just how your Representatives actually did vote. As Mark Twain famously said “the making of law is like the making of sausage; you may or may not like the taste of it but you sure don’t want to watch it being made”.

With all due respect to one of my State’s most famous “Connecticut Yankees”, I respectfully disagree. In 2019, if we remain ignorant of just who and how law is made (to say nothing of the extent to which it is followed) then we are in more trouble than Mr. Twain anticipated in his day.

So, join the CauseACTION team up at our CauseACTION Activity Center and be part of the shift in Conservative social media.

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