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Rich’s Rants – Oh, goodie… how much fun will it be to post your opinion on their Facebook and Twitter Pages?

At CauseACTION we’re all about getting the attention of the right people at the right time. That why we will very soon be adding the unique capability of posting your opinions directly on your Congressional Representative’s, President Trump, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, “Fake” news news outlets (Anderson Cooper comes to mind) Facebook and Twitter feeds.

And I promise you nothing, and I mean nothing gets a politician or industry leader’s attention faster and more powerfully than a post on THEIR social media pages. Almost nobody does that by the hundreds or thousands the way we will soon help you do. Short of wholesale deletion by their staffs, as what you think gets posted to their “Official” social media pages there is nowhere to hide. The bright shinning light will be on each of them when you comment for or against the decisions they make that affect your life.

Everybody talks about it but very few people do it. CauseACTION will be leading the way.

Now don’t worry – we know many of you have never posted directly to a politician, industry-leader or the (so-called) news/cultural influencers Facebook or Twitter feeds so we’re going to make it very simple and easy to post your messages. No more than a few Clicks of your mouse and together we will respectfully but loudly agree or disagree as Americans who are concerned and want to be heard.

Here’s an example – yes, believe it. Last week’s FOSTA/SOSTA vote will effectively shut down the most egregious part of the sex-trafficking websites BackPage (earning $2.5 million per month in California alone. FOSTA/SOSTA had bi-partisan support with just a handfull voting “no”.

But largely unnoticed and certainly not by the main stream media, the owners of BackPage (and how charming, their wives) donated some $200,000 to several Democrats and the DNC itself and all of them refused to return this dirty money. That’s because almost no one heard about it.

This is with your help what we will change. Had thousands of messages been posted to Ms. Pelosi’s Facebook page, I think it likely that the Russians would have noticed, maybe?