There are many ways to do your part in what I believe, is the only logical, intellectually-honest argument against the modern day, pro-death, for-profit abortion culture.

You are about to meet Laura Klassen. She has a pink wig and a certain way of putting it across. Logically.

A gentle warning: You will likely find yourself somewhere between laughing and crying when you watch Laura’s video. I know, I did both. Laura from Canada, has a certain way of bringing clarity to the “choice” argument. And she nails it.

So, why now? Why “go there” again to speak to the physical, spiritual and emotional challenge of abortion.

And just what is the connection to Laura’s video, her pink wig and the upcoming Supreme Court case?

Well, you see, I got yelled at via email last week.

Oh, I am used to that and so much more (the men almost always hate on and threaten me more) but in this case, I was yelled at by someone from the so-called “Future Majority”.

Yup, the “Future Majority”… and she was quite sure that I was part of “the war” on her “reproductive rights”, and my “raging” was costing the States “millions of dollars”. Accordingly, she declared that I needed to stop it… because, after all her reproductive rights were also “Constitutional”, didn’t I know?


Now, before you much further with me here, note that there will be no mention from me of God, my Faith or judgement or the “invasion” of anyone’s “privacy”. I know better.

And what I know is not what you may be assuming.

Here is what I know: Condemnation is not in my job description. I know, love and have cherished dozens of couples, mothers and fathers who have had abortions. But compelling and supporting better, life-long and life-and-death choices is my responsibility.

And, if along the way, you or anyone else who may read this post grows into a refreshed or brand new spiritual relationship with God, that’s cool. More than cool, actually. Forgiveness and mercy are the life tools that belong in everyone’s toolbox, sooner or later. We are all failed, flawed and in need of Grace. Honest. I promise you that I am always looking for a screwdriver or hammer in that toolbox, myself.

… and that includes the woman from “The Future Majority” who had yelled at me.

So, I jumped in further.

“You know”, she said, “my “right” was Constitutionally-guaranteed by “the” Supreme Court. For Goodness sake, what is wrong with you that you don’t understand the absolute, legal supremacy of the Supreme Court?”

Good God. Really?

Oh, wait, I just invoked “God” didn’t I when I said I wouldn’t? Sorry.

Now, in most cases, I wouldn’t have bothered to respond but her Petition call-to-action in order to “save millions of dollars” was on a very visible website. a website where I had once garnered over a million petition signers in the fight against pedophiles on Facebook.

So, here was an opportunity for a “one-to-many” response during the very same week that the Supreme Court had announced that it would hear an important new Prolife case… and as it happened, Laura with the pink wig from “Choice42” had just given me permission to use of her videos on CauseACTION.

So, even though I was nothing more than a man, a “donor” and had no standing in the eyes of most in the pro-abortion movement, I knew that Laura’s video would help me teach this combined civics, math and logic class to at least some of this new “Future Majority“.

In my public “Comment” response, the first thing I suggested to these Future Majority petition signers (about 500 out of 10,000 needed) was that there were much easier, less fatal ways to assure themselves of their Constitutional “rights”. I continued…

“So, your Constitutionally-guaranteed “right”, was assured by the Supreme Court’s decision in 1973? The decision that abortion was legal based on the premise of “privacy” (the singular legal thread upon upon Roe v. Wade was decided)?

“Yes”, she said. “It’s my Constitutional right”

Uhh… OK, but did you know that the Supreme Court not so long ago, affirmed the people’s “right” to own, beat, and have your “legal” way with African-American slaves?

… or keep women from voting for decades before they were “allowed” to vote?

… or to incarcerate Japanese-Americans because, well, they looked, “Japanese”… and Franklin Delano Roosevelt said we should put them in camps? You know, American citizens like my beautiful and precious, alive grandchildren of Japanese, Italian, French, Irish, Swedish and who-cares what else ancestry?

Sorry, I don’t know which Constitution you are reading, but I am not sure Supreme Court decisions make your rights “Constitutional”.


And has it occurred to you that your claim to being a “majority” when more than 50% of American women disagree with your position, is mathematically at risk?

And if 50% of abortions take the lives of little baby girls, I am not sure you can mathematically get to your “majority” anytime soon. In fact, you are likely advocating a form of sistercide?

Did you know “Roe” whose real name was Norma McCorvey, who was an avid Prolife advocate for decades after she said she was “used” in the Supreme Court decision of 1973). She fought against your “majority” right until her death?

Uh-oh, again.

Well, after that initial exchange and an invitation to respond to the logical questions without any word-play by either party, I got “crickets”. Zero nothing… even though I know from using this Petition platform that all 500 signers would get my comments sent to them.

Look, we all know that abortion is a serious matter. You have no idea how much I understand this. Abortion and so much more, have been a part of my legacy since before “Roe”.

But in three decades in the defense of the Preborn, I have never met that hateful, disrespectful, violent, “judgmental” stereotype that pro-abortion people love to claim we are.

That said, this much is clear to me these many years later

We cannot move hearts and minds to new conviction with those who disagree or with those who choose abortion because they are afraid or they are unsure so they make life-long decisions under the cover of “the law”.

If that the case, we would still have the right to own slaves, keep women from voting and incarcerate Japanese-Americans and others, at will. None of that makes any sense. Nor does the taking of life when lives are so desperately wanted by the Preborn or the parents who would adopt them.

And as you are about to see, Laura has her exquisite way of doing her part.

Laura makes the case with just the right dose of humor to get past all the cliches, the vagueries and hot words and make the obvious and logical argument that the “choice” is not a choice for one… but a choice for two.

Laura Klassen, from Canada, who brilliantly, named her website “Choice42”. Thanks, Laura.

The video is called “The Magical Birth Canal”. Oh, and the wig is a wig and the “choice” is forever

The Magical Birth Canal… “But what if it’s a C-section?”


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