Most of us know this, of course. The key to President Trump’s victory was the full representation of every state’s stake regardless of population (legal or otherwise) in the election by virtue of our Constitution.

270 To Win is an extraordinarily useful website. If you want to completely understand the Electoral College, current projections for Federal, State and Local elections then this is the place to do it.

I’ll warn you, it is a little intimidating at first. But as Mark Twain famously said: “I never let my instruction get in the way of my education”.

So, take a look. This is your resource to know with more precision just what the election mechanics are.

An important footnote this April 2019 – The Left, Socialist Democrat Party is now in a full-on mode to go around the U.S. Constitution by getting individual State Legislatures to pass State laws that grant all of their votes to the winner of the popular vote alone, REGARDLESS of Constitutional Law.

Some 20 States have already done so. If you think on it a bit, it is not surprising – it is consistent with the way the way the Liberal Left has operated for decades. You find way to go around the very same laws that were passed through Judicial activism… or as we have recently seen, you simply ignore the law altogether.

This is a matter we will be expanding further on in the coming months.

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