A Wounded American Republic Demands Justice – 20 Custom CauseCARDS Addressed and Delivered To Attorney General Barr

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CauseCARDS are an exclusive integration of new “take action” social media technology combined with the old-fashioned impact of physically-printed and hand-delivered postcards to Members of Congress or Corporate key influencer. It is our version of the scene from Miracle on 34th Street when all the Court Bailiffs are hauling in sacks of mail into the Judge in the Court Room scene from kids all around the world, insisting that the Judge acknowledge Kris Kringle as the real Santa Claus.

In 2009, in what became known as “Red Envelope Day”, nearly 1 million empty red envelopes representing a life cut short by abortion were delivered to a fiercely pro-abortion President Obama. In 2014, we dumped 250,000 “Stop Child Porn on Facebook” CauseCARDS from Americans all across America, demanding that Facebook stop the thousands of pedophiles who were using the social media platform as their dark meeting place and Facebook finally got serious about the problem.

CauseCARDS is where new-world social media propagation helps us get the word out and old-fashioned mail drives the nail home. It works. You can be part of history, today!

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Please ALSO NOTEWe do not ship your CauseCards to you. We do it all for you. Your CauseCARDS will be shipped directly from our printers to the Attorney General’s Office and are typically sent in batches via FedEx to the intended person(s). In the case of CauseCARDS sent to Members of Congress or the White House, all of this mail is handled by the Congressional Post Office. This has been the standard protocol for many years now.




So many Americans have now watched in dismay for two years, as the so-called “Russian Collusion” matter (it never was a legal “case”) has been perpetrated against our duly-Elected President.

It has been shameful and as more and more is revealed, likely criminal. Built on a fake dossier used to fool the highest standards of the FISA Court, outright lies by those entrusted with the safety and security of our Nation. These two years have made a shambles out of the presumption of innocence and “equal protection and equal application under the law”.

This should be of the greatest concern to all Americans, no matter the party affiliation. It has torn us apart, all of it aided and abetted by the so-called “fair press” that has demonstrated to us that they are anything but fair.

On Sunday, April 7th, Devin Nunes, who is the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee announced that he would deliver criminal referrals this week to Attorney General Barr. This week Attorney General Barr testified that something does indeed seem foul. Indeed. By now many of us have watched as the Democrat Party’s spin-meisters have begun to writhe, spin and cast aspersions on Attorney General Barr and anyone who might truly want to get to the bottom of the real Russia Collusion story.

Now is the time to demonstrate our support of the Attorney General and the need to fully investigate and prosecute those people who very well might have pulled off an American “Coup d’état.

This is neither a Conservative or Liberal thing – this was a fundamentally un-American thing!

Let the Attorney General know that you support him with a flood of postcards sent directly to his office. Order your CauseCARDS here and now and we will send them for you.

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1 review for A Wounded American Republic Demands Justice – 20 Custom CauseCARDS Addressed and Delivered To Attorney General Barr

  1. Marisa

    “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”
    Congress, both Senators and Representatives, Democrats and Republicans have turned the Legislative Branch into a worthless arm of government.

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