Hey, social media titans, how much more wrong can this be?

Connecticut, February 2017 – Just a while ago, we buried a young woman way before her time. Her short and troubled life also caused others great pain.

She was only 34. That’s her you see in the banner image above (the other two faces you see there are victims as well). 

Like so many others, she tried to medicate her pain with drugs and alcohol and to do that she took to selling her body. The world knew her as “Marie”. 

In a related moment some six years ago, a colleague of mine and I found ourselves sitting in the FBI office in New Haven, CT. We were just two guys trying to make a difference in the lives of all the “Maries” out there ,when we ran into the image of “Yellow Duckie Girl”.

Clutching a toy yellow duck, she was completely naked. She looked to be about 6 or 7 years-old. We were utterly disgusted.

Thousands of pedophile images and videos were easily found for years
on Facebook

Two days later, an FBI agent in New Haven, CT sat across from us and winced his way through these words: “this kind of child abuse material on Facebook is not unusual and frankly, we don’t really get the help we need from Facebook to stop it”.

What? Huh? Did you read that right?

Yes, you did. The FBI said that? Yes, they did.

There was child abuse on Facebook and as their Internet Safety and Security Officer said to us in an unguarded moment…  “and plenty of it”.

Some two years later our CauseACTION Campaign and the national exposure it received forced Facebook to finally respond more effectively to this plague. But it is not over…

Five years later, guess where you can find sex-trafficking victims being advertised as “escorts” on social media? You guessed it… Facebook.

And there are well over 30 websites that are known to be frequented by young teens and children where there is little or no tracking. Right now on your computer with just two or three clicks, you can order up an escort much like you would order up a pizza. They are advertised on Facebook.

Can you believe that Facebook is so concerned with political “hate” speech but their “Community Standards” allows for the advertising of escort services and other hardcore content?

We can’t either!

Now don’t misunderstand, we admire the genius of Facebook. We are internet and social media players, as well as avid users ourselves.

But what possible benefit is there to Facebook for promoting what amounts to sexual abuse for money?

Please take a few moments to direct your support of this Campaign. We will add your name to a petition to be delivered directly to the Board of Directors at Facebook.


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