No, wait. What? Of course, I am not.

I grew up in with the kid’s sing-song “Sticks and Stones” response to insults in my neighborhood. But I have to tell you that some 60 years after Kindergarten, I am just not sure that those words are as true for me these days.

They do hurt me… because they hurt my country.

Lord above, here we go again and again. It is difficult to watch the mainstream media spin and publish so many bald-faced lies with no factual basis or the barest of retractions except when they are found out.

Watch Lynne Patton, an African-American, Trump Executive in a video that the mainstream media never did and never will show you. It just does not fit their false-narrative and shutting down people, whose considered-opinion is not theirs by playing the race card.

It seems that first-hand testimony is either missing, ignored or offered by someone named “anonymous.” Then when you disagree with the Left you are inevitably tagged as a “racist”.

So, apparently President Trump and those of us who support him (51% of the country as of 11/1/18) and conservative Legislators all around the Nation are misogynist and racist cretins.


I dare you (well, not really) to watch this African-American woman tell you all about it. I am pretty sure you never saw it on mainstream media though it has been viewed well over 7 million times.


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