So, this is me trying very hard not to talk, write and think politics any more than I have 23 hours a day for months. My video post today is an odd-version of a light-hearted experience with a clear intention, which I have not addressed much lately – our Warfighters and their families.

If you have followed any of my other work, you know that Team CauseACTION and I have been involved in helping our Gold Star Families, including the production of an Independent film and three media embeds into Iraq and Afghanistan

And while we are embroiled today in Election fraud, during this “Christmastide” period the CCP virus and the 284 inane, stupid things the mainstream media obsesses about, I thought it would be good to remind ourselves that we still have 2,500 active military men and women in both Afghanistan and Iraq. And in this day and age, that means 2,500 Warfighters and thousands of their spouses, sons and daughters, Moms and Dads and others who are with them in spirit and anxiety.

It should be noted that the 2,500 count is down from 14,000 last Spring. This represents one more promise fulfilled by President Trump. Others talk. He has delivered.

And while it is still very much a toss-up, in just three days, while you and I will be focused on January 6th, the Afghan government and the Taliban after some months of relative peace, will re-start their peace talks on the 5th. While it is unlikely that this will be the #5 (real) peace deal anytime very soon, it should also be noted that the President has in four years, and while under constant attack, also engineered peace agreements between Israel and their former sworn enemies of the UAE, Sudan, Bahrain (the Switzerland of the Middle East) and Morocco. And with the U.S now a net energy exporter under the President’s policies, we have obliterated the phony “no blood for oil” Democrat shrieking point.

All of this is, as we know, lost on the true “haters” and the dunderheads (including some of my family and friends) who decided that being incited to hate someone, trumped (a play on word intended) was more important to the Nation then what that person actually did and delivered.

For a while, I wanted to believe that they were tricked by social media and while that is certainly true to a point, I have now concluded that no, that’s a lame excuse for what amounts to their spiritual and intellectual laziness. That is hard for me to say, especially since it involves my thoughts and feelings about family and friends. I mean that.

But there is no way that in the 60 years since I left Kindergarten, that I would not be immediately suspect of any Party, media, individual, friend, or relative who was so busy criticizing the individual not the policy or who would so aggressively spend their time gaslighting their fellow Citizens into believing that more than half the country is made up of rabid, lunatic bigots and God-knows-what-else. Every one of my bells, buzzers, and warning lights would have…

Oh, wait, I said I was going to stay away from politics for today, didn’t I? Please forgive me. I get carried away, sometimes.

OK, so here you go – a bit of a light-hearted moment in the midst of a deadly time, filmed by us on “Afghanistan Air” some years ago, when we were putting together the pilot show in a “reality TV” concept that we had presented to the Pentagon (who had heartily endorsed it).

We named the TV Show “HonorBound”… a set of reports that went beyond the “kinetic” (shooting) war. There were Episodes from Forward Operating Bases (AKA “”FOB”) on our female combat veterans who made up “Female Engagement Teams” known as “FET” Teams, front-line therapy dogs who were part of specialized care for Warfighters just in from difficult missions, organized outreach with the children and parents in Afghan villages and more.

Today, let this clip that was shot at the very beginning of one of those embeds, be a reminder to you and me, that in the midst of Christmas joy and whatever makes you and me personally upset or anxious right now, at least we are not thinking about making sure we having the “pointy end of a weapon pointed down and away from the pilot”.

God Bless our Troops, all who serve, their families and our Commander-in-Chief.


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