Yes, yes, I know. I am of a certain age where I am not supposed to still laugh at those great Classic Looney Tunes and The Three Stooges.

No wait! Of course I am. That was funny stuff, man! And besides, you know that expression you hear all the time: “The more things change, the more they stay the same”?

Well, clearly the folks at PolitiZoid get it.

So, without further “Adieu”, I give you their version of a “Roadrunner VS. Wile E. Coyote” Episode and “Tweet, Tweet” in lieu of “Beep, Beep”. That’s funny.

OK, have fun.

Now back to work on CauseACTION’s soon to be released surprise!

P.S. A confession – Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I am secretly recording episodes of “The Three Stooges” to show my Grand-kids. How much you wanna’ bet they laugh and know better than to take it seriously? My Grand-kids are brilliant, you know!

Oh, oh, and for the added bonus…

Then a very much needs to grow up, so-called,”journalist” at Axios will write a story about me corrupting my Grandchildren by showing them these “obviously” deranged Three Stooges… in much the same way that he accused me of a conspiracy to confuse and bewilder people into thinking that CauseACTION was “really” a conservative cause and advocacy website.

Yup. His proof? Well it’s obvious, isn’t it?

It”s that up and down arrow, you see in the place of the “i” in the word “ACTION” of our logo. How couold you have possibly missed that?

My graphics designer and good friend, Dave almost fell of his chair when I showed him that article. “I just thought it looked kinda’ cool”, he said.

Yeah, me too.

Boy, it sure is a good thing that this Axios writer figured that out, all by himself. And to think Axios is considered a “Trusted Source” by many these days. Good grief.

OK, back to work on the roll-out of our surprise… with intermittent watching of Foghorn Leghorn Episodes. I’ve got a social conspiracy to finish up!

… no really. We do! Your’re gonna’ liiike the surprise!

And I promise you that the kid at Axios will be reaching for the Digitalis when we roll it out!


CauseACTION Team Leader

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