These Causes, Candidates, and Commercial “Sponsored Advertisers” have approached us to help them raise funds and in some cases promote their commercial product. When you do so, CauseACTION receives some revenue.

As it relates to political fundraising, in particular, we are NOT endorsing these fundraising efforts or Campaigns, as such. We generally support their policy initiatives and principles and we have no reason to believe they are not legitimate and deserving of your consideration.

That is why we have gone one step further than most by introducing our CauseACTION “HotBOX Summary” that will quickly lead you to the Candidate or Campaign details you will need to make a considered decision as to who you will support with your hard-earned money.

We have wanted to do this for some time. We know very well that your email Inbox is being bombarded with incessant and often repetitive fundraising appeals.

There is no Candidate, PAC or Organization that will not, in one way or another ask us to participate in their fundraising efforts over the next 18 months. In fact, from here on, for every one Sponsored Campaign posts you see on the CauseACTION website, we will have turned down two to three others.  

We want to be your digital “Safe Harbor” for these appeals , a go-to web page for you, friends and family consider these fundraising (or commercial for-profit) Sponsors… all in one place so that you can reasonably and sanely consider if you would consider donating to.

You will see that in addition to the content provided to us (which we are contractually required to post as it was provided) we have added links that will take you to that Candidate’s Federal Elections Committee listing or to other sources which we believe fairly report on their finances and their donation scoring.

This information is mandated and provided here so that you don’t have to go hunting for it yourself on the web. The links we will post are provided by either the FEC or (who monitor political fundraising and spending) and Charity Navigator and/or GuideStar who have monitored and rated nonprofits for decades.  

CauseACTION’s tag line is “Learn. Consider. Act.” We mean it. We are here to serve our web visitors and supporters so as to advance policy positions that we believe in. We believe you ought to have the information you need to make a considered decision when donating to anyone. Now you don’t have to go hunting for that information on your own. We are providing it to you and you are just a couple of Clicks away.

We thank you for your interest and support of these Campaigns and Advertisers.


UPDATED “Sponsored” posts to be added here by June 6th, the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings that freed my ancestral home.