We have collaborated with our friends at CQ Roll Call, so as to offer you a variety of internet tools so that you as an actively concerned Citizen, Taxpayer and Voter can communicate directly with your Government Officials and in many cases, directly with key Influencers in the fields of business and at large.

If you simply click here or on the blue “CauseACTION – Take Action Box below, we’ll make it easy for you to be heard.

And here is why this system is different than your average “petition” or “write-in” tool. Our friends at CQ Roll Call have been an intermediary between voters and Government and Industry Leaders for well over 30 years and there is not a Chief of Staff to both State and Federal Elected Officials who doesn’t have the CQ Roll Call internet-based “Dashboard” loaded up on their computers. When folks use the CQ system the right people are seeing the results of your approval or rejection of their bosses votes and decisions in real-time. Now. Today.

But CauseACTION does not stop there.

In fact, some years ago as a result of our spearheading the Red Envelope Day Postcard Project, we built out a system that used the same digital-to-print, delivered mail to take on pedophiles on Facebook.

That system is used today and we call it CauseCARDS. And as it did back in 2015, nothing quite says “you need to fix this” as having 250,000 physically printed and delivered (to Facebook’s Mountainview, CA Corporate Headquarters) mail room. Here is what that CauseCARD Campaign looked like in 2015. Many of you helped make this happen and well over a million people followed the Campaign.

In the wake of the legislating of savagery against the Preborn in both State Legislators and on Capitol Hill as well as the continued epidemic of the sexual abuse of children on social media, we will be running two new CauseCARD Campaigns in the Spring of 2019. We hope you will join us in using this powerful tool.