The cause, advocacy and nonprofit policy world has many important and key players. We know and work with many but we are particularly connected to the “doer’s” in the causes we try to help.

Yes, we love “awareness” but we prize action. And the truth is that there are some folks who stand out in our view because they are “getting it done” in Prolife — with Military and Gold Star Families — and in the fight against Sexual Exploitation Violence. In almost all cases, we know this because we know them personally and worked with them for years.

The truth is that some if not most, have risked incarceration, spurious bankrupting lawsuits, vicious lies and even bodily harm. So while there are many important contributors to advancing the Conservative principles we believe in, this page is intended to add to their voice and outreach and let you learn, more, judge for yourself and take action as you see fit.