Causecards… where “New School” social media meets the “old school” impact of physical mail and delivers better results!

Some years ago when we became involved in the 2008 “Red Envelope Day” Prolife initiative, we realized the possibilities of combining the inherent ability of social media to propagate a call to action in a “viral” event with the impact of “old school” physically-delivered postal mail might be a much better way to influence decision-makers.

Red Envelope Day, now known as “Life Envelope Day”

Then as it is today in 2021, we knew that most web-based petitions were really name-harvesting by organizations looking to fundraise or grab personal information you might just give up. And worse, we knew from spending one-on-one time sitting and talking with Representatives on Capitol Hill, that digital petition never gets much further than a Senator or Representative’s Staff ( and most often an Intern), and very often, they were dismissed with a single keystroke.

Not so with physical mail. That we knew, would be delivered to the Congressional Post Office. The law requires it.

And in a situation where we were trying to get the attention of someone in or outside of government, we knew that nothing else in our “connected” world, says “Please pay attention” like sacks of mail being delivered the “old-fashioned” way.

Think back, if you will, to the Courtroom scene in the famous Christmas movie “A Miracle on 34th Street”, as the Bailiffs haul sack upon sack of children’s mail into the Courtroom and pile it on the Judge’s desk.

And as cynical as we all may be in this day and age, there was another movie moment in Mr, Smith Goes to Washington” in the midst of his Senate trial/Filibuster where he declares: “When someone asks you to write a letter to your Senator, do it. It works. They get really agitated.”

Now, before someone accuse us of believing in Hollywood fairy tales, I can tell you, as God is my Judge now and will be someday, this is exactly what at last three Members of the House of Representatives quietly told us in their Offices on Capitol Hill some years ago.

After our experience with Red Envelope Day, we decided to put the idea to a test but in this case, to get the attention of a major American company… Facebook.

Painfully, we had become aware of how thousands of pedophiles were openly using Facebook as their meeting place and exchanging child pornography. We were incredulous. Our local FBI Office was not just as incredibly, they reported to us in a face-to-face meeting that they would often become aware of these pedophiles and would request assistance from Facebook and “sometimes we hear back from them and sometimes, we don’t”.

As mind-boggling as it was to hear a veteran FBI Field Officer say that, we decided to head down to Washington DC and concurrently we put our CauseCARD social media meets/old-fashioned deliver postal mail to the test. That Campaign was called “Stop Child Porn on Facebook”.

When some 225,000 personalized postcards showed up in one day at Facebook’s Mountainview, CA Corporate Headquarters, they knew they could no longer ignore the problem… even though they had successfully fended off the FBI and State Police of multiple states for years under so-called “safe-harbour” laws.

And so, we can say with some certainty that while nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, in the hyper-digital world of 2021, where there is so much noise and clutter that gets in the way, from the time of Jimmy Stuart and Mr. Smith to today, hardcopy, physically-delivered postal mail with a concise and carefully-timed message speaks more loudly than any other way we are aware of.

And we have made it simple, timely and securely for you to do with just a few mouse clicks from your phone, tablet or PC.

When you click here, it will take you to the page that tells you more about each of the specific CauseCARD Campaigns that will help you speak directly to the right persons at the right time, with a clear message that delivers your opinion or thought on a given issue.

We will do all the work that is required to deliver that message – we very carefully research the right people to direct the CauseCARDS to, and we just as carefully deliver those CauseCARDS at the right time when we and others we consult with (including you) can deliver the biggest impact. The entire process will take you but a few minutes, and it is secure and dependable.

Order here and we will send your CauseCARDS to key Officials and Influencers at the center of the Prolife battle.

We all know that 2020 has been a time of unprecedented deception and after four years of progress under President Trump, the landscape, the players, and even the very best moments to deliver on the impact that we know CauseCARDs will change between now and the officially-designated Life Envelope Day of May 1st, 2021.

That means that after the new Congress reconvenes in January, there will first be weeks of posturing and jockeying and the Democrat Party will be flailing in every direction and this much is for sure – none of it will be good in terms of the Defense of the Preborn. Therefore, we are adopting to every extent possible, a “quick reaction force” strategy where CauseCARDs will be batched and sent to Representatives and Administration Officials at the time that we think sending them is most opportune and effective.

This necessitates that you trust us to do that. We can assure you that we are about as plugged in as anyone can be with those who lead the Prolife Movement and we have our ear to the ground in other ways.

That said, we expect you to be able to check in on these Campaigns, ask questions, and make suggestions.

Accordingly, we have published a Calendar with related notes as to when we plan to drop batches of cards. We will also provide you with a place to chime in with us directly, to ask questions and also let us know what you think. 

Please NOTE – Your transaction information is handled entirely by PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPay account (many people don’t) you can easily use PayPal’s “Pay with Credit Card” option. When you do that PayPal acts as nothing more than an ordinary “Merchant Service” card-charging system.

All you need to do, select your card type (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and complete the form. We do not retain any of your credit card information as all transactions are managed by PayPal which handles millions of transactions per day. 

Also, please note do not ship your CauseCards to you. We do it all for you. Your CauseCARDS will be shipped directly from our printers to the Attorney General’s Office and are typically sent in batches via FedEx to the intended person(s). In the case of CauseCARDS sent to Members of Congress or the White House, all of this mail is handled by the Congressional Post Offie. This has been the standard protocol for many years now.

Defund Planned Parenthood – Tentative March 2021 Send
Next Pinkslip The Congress Campaign – Early February Send
Actual Life Envelope Day 2021 CauseCARD; the other side has Addressee and your name as the sender. We only print your City, State, and Zip Code as the mail "From" address.
Actual (front-side) Life Envelope Day 2021 CauseCARD

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