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McGahn seen as 'undercover operative' in White House

(POLITICO) — President Donald Trump is claiming his White House lawyer, Don McGahn, was representing his interests and following his orders when he voluntarily testified before the special counsel in multiple sessions.

And former administration officials said it’s unlikely that McGahn would still be serving in his top position in the administration if he had actually shared incriminating information about the president with Robert Mueller’s team.

“I can’t imagine that McGahn would still be White House counsel if he had produced any damaging information,” said Mark Corallo, a former spokesman for the president’s legal team. “He’d have resigned.”

Lost city emerges from beneath Kansas field

(LOS ANGELES TIMES) — Of all the places to discover a lost city, this pleasing little community seems an unlikely candidate.

There are no vine-covered temples or impenetrable jungles here — just an old-fashioned downtown, a drug store that serves up root beer floats and rambling houses along shady brick lanes.

Yet there’s always been something — something just below the surface.

Is this Republican a victim of Deep State retaliation?

Steve Stockman

Steve Stockman

WASHINGTON – Former U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, 61, sits in prison, awaiting sentencing in November for his April conviction, facing up to 283 years in 23 charges nearly all related to checks he received from two donors totaling $950,000.

His family and supporters in the 36th congressional district, just east of Houston, which he represented from 2013 through 2015, see his case as another example of prosecutorial excess of the kind who cross the Deep State.

A website set up by supporters attributes the prosecution in the case, which began with an aggressive multi-year Obama Justice Department investigation, as part of a pattern of political vindictiveness that has affected others – from author-filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza to those close to President Trump in the wide-ranging probe by Independent Counsel Robert Mueller.

Former federal prosecutor and fellow Texan Sidney Powell – who worked briefly pro-bono on Stockman’s legal team following his conviction, filing a court document calling for his release from prison pending his sentencing hearing and appeal – told the Western Journal that justice was not served in the case.

“The ‘Public Integrity’ section of the Department of Justice is wrongly named,” she said. “It is notorious for political prosecutions. It is highly likely they targeted former Congressman Stockman and have been extremely and unreasonably harsh toward him because he was so outspoken in trying to hold (former IRS official) Lois Lerner, the Clintons, and Obama accountable.”

The attorney and author of the book “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice” added that the DOJ clearly had “an enemies list” that included the lawmaker “and they acted on it.”

Powell likens Stockman’s prosecution to that of the late Alaska GOP Senator Ted Stevens, was convicted of federal corruption charges just eight days before his 2008 re-election bid, which almost certainly led to his narrow defeat by just over 1 percent of the vote tally. Federal prosecutors accused the senator of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in “freebies” from oil company executives. However, the conviction was overturned just months later, before Stevens was sentenced, after a probe of the DOJ found evidence of gross prosecutorial misconduct, including withholding exculpatory evidence.

Powell noted the extraordinary step the DOJ is taking in imprisoning Stockman as he awaits his sentencing hearing later this month.

“That Congressman Stockman is in prison now before he is even sentenced is a further outrage calculated to impede his ability to appeal and to break him,” she said. “I’m appalled at what the Department of Justice has become. It has completely lost the trust and respect of the people.”

By way of comparison, Louisiana Democrat Rep. William Jefferson, who famously hid $90,000 in cash in a freezer, was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2009 for taking roughly $500,000 in bribes and seeking millions of dollars to broker business deals in Africa. The former congressman, a member of the House Ways and Means trade subcommittee, was caught on camera taking $100,000 in cash to use as a pay off to an African government official. He was not imprisoned during his appeal, which was not successful. However, his sentence was reduced in 2017 to time served, a little over five years.

Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards was indicted in 2011 for using nearly $1 million in campaign-related contributions to pay the expenses of his mistress and their child during his 2008 presidential run. In that case, like Stockman’s, two donors wrote checks totally $925,000 to the candidate. The funds were not used for the campaign but facilitated Edwards’ ability to remain in the race. As in the Stockman case, the DOJ’s Public Integrity section charged Edwards with violating federal election law by accepting contributions that exceeded campaign-finance limits and filing a false campaign financial disclosure report. The former North Carolina senator was acquitted on one count in the indictment (as was Stockman), with a mistrial on five others. The Obama Justice Department decided not to retry the case and Edwards received no punishment.

A Washington attorney who specializes in the area of election law said the “DOJ swamp” is clearly trying to make an example of Stockman, because of his work to impeach former Attorney General Eric Holder and to punish former IRS official Lois Lerner for her attacks on conservative organizations.

While in office, Stockman, with a group of 19 other GOP House members, pursued the impeachment of Holder for perjury, for failure to comply with subpoenas (including those related to Operation Fast and Furious) and for failure to discharge his duties. According to the articles of impeachment, among the duties not fulfilled was launching a criminal investigation of the Internal Revenue Service for the targeting of conservative groups during the 2012 election cycle. In 2014, Stockman also filed a resolution calling for the U.S. Capitol Police to arrest Lerner for acting in contempt of Congress.

“Asking the Justice Department to prosecute Lois Lerner for admittedly illegal activity is a joke,” Stockman said in a statement at the time. “The Obama administration will not prosecute the Obama administration … It is up to this House to uphold the rule of law.”

Stockman’s wife, Patti, told the Western Journal, “The thing is Steve was a whistleblower in essence on the Obama administration. He was constantly pointing out and underscoring the corruption in (it).”

Stockman decided not to seek re-election for his House seat in 2014, but instead to challenge incumbent Sen. John Cornyn for the Republican nomination.

A significant portion of the criminal indictment focuses on this time frame, charging that Stockman used funds donated to his non-profit, Center for the American Future, to benefit his political campaign. The Center sent out a newspaper-like mailing to prospective voters contrasting the policy positions of Cornyn and Stockman, but the former lawmaker’s legal defense team argued it did not expressly advocate for him and therefore did not violate FEC law.

Other charges relate to his Life Without Limits non-profit. The indictment alleges that Stockman wrote checks to two associates using Life Without Limits funds who then turned around and made contributions to his 2012 congressional campaign on behalf of themselves and their family members. These “straw donor” FEC charges are similar to ones brought against conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza in 2014. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to serve eight months in a detention center, five years of probation and pay a $30,000 fine. President Trump pardoned D’Souza in May.

Stockman’s lawyer told the court the checks written to the associates were for services rendered. “Once the funds are earned and received, they become the property of the individual, who is generally free to give them to anyone, including a political campaign,” the former congressman’s plea read.

The associates flipped testifying against Stockman in plea agreements.

As to other charges related to the fraudulent solicitation and misappropriation of funds, Stockman’s legal team countered that organizations have latitude in how donations received are spent and no misrepresentations were made.

During the course of the jury trial, Stockman’s attorneys were strictly forbidden from mentioning any possibly that politics motivated the DOJ to prosecute their client.

Renowned legal scholar Alan Dershowitz voiced his concerns about election and public corruption law being vague enough to provide fertile ground for the criminalization of policy differences.

“It is not enough to base prosecutions on the old saw that ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire,’” he wrote in a 2015 piece for the Gatestone Institute. “The reason these questions arise is not because there is no corruption in government,” Dershowitz added. “It is because the laws distinguishing between constitutionally protected political activities and illegal payments to office holders are vague and indeterminate. These laws give prosecutors enormous discretion to determine whether to prosecute questionable transactions. And the courts refuse to second-guess prosecutorial decisions even in cases where selective prosecution based on improper considerations seems evident.”

In a court pleading, Stockman’s attorney recounted that multiple grand juries reportedly considered and rejected the charges being brought against his client, until the DOJ was able to convince one to indict in March 2017. No judge is present during a federal grand jury and it is an entirely one-sided affair. A prosecutor leads the proceeding, with the defendant not present or made aware of the case being made against him.

WND founder Joseph Farah has written that he hopes Trump will pardon Stockman.

“Steve went to Washington to do one thing – defeat the Deep State,” Farah wrote. “There’s an old saying about the feds: If they want to get you, they have an unlimited budget and unlimited power to do so. Knowing what we now know in more graphic detail than ever before, are you surprised?”

Patti Stockman calls her husband a “political prisoner.”

“Here is my husband who’s poured decades of his life toward preserving the liberties that were guaranteed in the Constitution and he is sitting there without his own liberty,” she said. “This is bigger than Steve Stockman,” Patti added. “It’s the state of our nation. It’s Steve Stockman today; it may be your neighbor tomorrow, or even you.”

8 of 9 reviews 5-star for 'Gospel in Every Book'

GospelFinalWASHINGTON – With the hardcover release of what is being called a “breakthrough Bible book” still weeks away, Joseph Farah’s “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament” has garnered 5-star reviews at Amazon by eight of nine reviewers.

Five stars represent the highest rating reviews at Amazon can choose.

The book, which finds the redemptive and restorative “Good News” message in all 39 books of the original Hebrew Scriptures, is currently available only in e-book form but will release in hardcover next month. It has also been endorsed by dozens of Christian scholars, leaders, pastors and luminaries including Franklin Graham, Mike Huckabee, Chuck Norris, Jack Van Impe, Eric Metaxas, Dr. Michael Brown, Dr, Karl Payne, Michael Farris, Greg Laurie and Ray Comfort.

One top 100 Amazon reviewer had this to say: “In the book Mr. Farah quotes a lot of scripture and I found that satisfying. Mr. Farah’s thoughts are never the central focus of the book but rather the threads which connect and amplify the gospel message as he takes you on a unique guided tour of the Old Testament. This is a layman’s book, not because it doesn’t have intellectual muscle but because Mr. Farah lets the biblical authors do the heavy lifting. From the outset you get a sense of humility and purpose bolstered by an unmistakable sense of wonder and awe. In closing, Joseph Farah’s exploration of ‘The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament’ is a tour de force in Yahweh’s ‘good news’ — His redemptive plan for mankind. A plan which didn’t end at Calvary, but promises a glorious future for mankind when our redeemer returns to reign from the throne of David in Jerusalem.”

Another reviewer wrote: “This book brings out and clarifies the Gospel message that Yeshua (Jesus) said must necessarily be preached as a witness to all nations just before He returns.”

“Best book ever – putting it all together,” wrote another.

“Am teaching Leviticus. A good reference,” another posted.

“When many people write books about the Bible, they often use way too much of their own opinion, and not enough of Holy Scripture,” wrote another. “This book is very different in a good way, because it shows you in a very easy, step-by-step fashion the many verses from each book of the Old Testament that demonstrate the Good News of God’s glorious plan. I love what’s said in the chapter on Esther, which ironically never mentions God. And yet the Creator’s plan is hidden in plain sight when you realize who the characters in Esther represent. This is not so much a book about personal salvation. It’s a book about the coming Kingdom of God, which is what Jesus focused on when He walked the Earth. He and His apostles did not have a New Testament to wake people up from their death slumber. They used the Old Testament. And there are so many people who call themselves ‘believers’ today who don’t understand that, and stick to the New Testament alone. We need the entire Bible to understand the whole story God is telling us.”

Another wrote: “A great book from a Godly Christian scholar! This book should be on every Kindle in America — and on every bookshelf. You will see God’s word woven in ways you had not seen it before. Five stars and bravo!”

“This book needs to be read by every Christian and non-Christian — I’m thinking Muslims and Jews would really benefit,” another said. “It shows a side of the Old Testament even most believers do not know. What a resource for evangelism and independent study of the Scriptures. Thank you and blessings to all involved.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the book,” wrote another. “First time I’ve read this author. I’m going to buy his other books now.”

Farah is best known as the founder of but is the author, co-author or collaborator on more than a dozen others, including his most recent, “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age.” Before launching WND, 21 years ago as the first independent online news-gathering company, he served as top editor of daily newspapers in major markets in California.

“This is far and away the most important project I have ever embarked on in my life,” Farah says of “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament.” “Before writing it, I was looking for this book and couldn’t find it – anywhere. I knew if it would be a blessing to me, it would be a blessing to others. With some Christian leaders suggesting it is time to ‘unhitch’ from the Hebrew Scriptures, it turned out to be more timely than ever.”

Farah will be available to media in mid-September to discuss his newest release, which is intended as a combination Bible study guide, pastoral reference for teaching from the Old Testament and breezy read for anyone who wants a serious book exploring the Gospel message in all 39 books of the Hebrew Scriptures.

“I think it will be especially useful for those who want a fresh look at the Old Testament that is relevant to their Christian faith,” Farah says. “In addition, it will deepen your appreciation of what the Good News of the Gospel means for everyone, the entire planet, beyond personal salvation. If you want to fully understand the Gospel Jesus preached, what He called ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom,’ this is the roadmap for its foundation in the Scriptures He taught from.”

If you would like to contribute to the spread of this book’s message, tax-deductible contributions are being accepted by the website for missions organization Gospel for All Nations. Checks can also be mailed to the group at Gospel for All Nations, 580 E Street – PO Box 100 – Hawthorne, NV 89415-0100.

Is God calling your heart to Israel? Listen!

I was an unlikely person to be called as a champion of Israel, a person who would lead annual tours there, write books about the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith and to study the Old Testament in search of the redemptive message of the Gospel in all 39 books.

Why? I grew up in a non-religious Arab-American family in which Israel was perceived as the enemy, a foreign interloper in the Middle East. As a teenager during the 1967 Six-Day War, I found myself scouring the news reports for hope that the Arab powers would put an end to this “neo-colonial” intrusion into a region that rightfully belonged to the Arabs.

I wanted to see the Jews pushed out.

When Israel swiftly, and against all odds, defeated the Arab powers with their superior numbers, positions and military equipment, I saw it as a “nakba,” a catastrophe, a terrible injustice, a disaster of epic proportions. Over the next few years, one of my fantasies was to travel to the Middle East and join the “resistance” – training as a “fedayeen,” a guerrilla fighter under the leadership of Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization.

But something happened to me a few years later – something not quite as dramatic as Saul’s experience on the road to Damascus (Acts 9), but for me, just as life-changing.

Someone lovingly evangelized me for the first time in my life, giving me an invitation to read the Bible and learn the true story of Israel’s role in God’s plan of salvation for all people – including the Arabs, the Muslims and the restoration of the whole Earth, the way He planned it from the very beginning of Creation. (Acts 3:20-21)

With Jesus directing my life, I got to spend time in the Middle East, first as a foreign correspondent and later as a student of the geography, history, people and, most importantly, the biblical prophecy that is so self-evidently being fulfilled before our eyes in the land of Israel.

That’s why I take groups of Christians to Israel every year – to share with them how Jesus and His land, the “apple of God’s eye” (Zechariah 2:8), are at the center of a miracle that rivals the Exodus parting of the Red Sea. (Jeremiah 16:14-15).

Is God tugging at your heart to visit His land? If so, I want to tell you about two opportunities to come with me and my wife, Elizabeth, to Israel to answer that calling in obedience. I promise you it will change your life, strengthen your faith, inspire you and provide you with an unforgettable spiritual experience of a lifetime.

Option No. 1: The first opportunity is coming up this November, and you will need to act fast. It’s your chance to get to Israel in this biblically historic 70th anniversary year of 2018.

Here’s just some of what you will get to experience under the direction of the most unlikely of tour leaders, plus the assistance of the greatest Israeli guides and the logistical support of the best tour company in the Jewish state:

  • Several days walking in Jesus’ footsteps through the Galilee where His early ministry began, exploring the terrain, seeing where He performed so many miracles, participating in a majestic, musically worshipful nighttime cruise on the lake – with the only messianic Jewish boat captain in Israel
  • Having an opportunity to be baptized or rededicated in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized
  • Visiting the spectacular site of Petra in modern-day Jordan – ancient Edom
  • Seeing the newly discovered and recently excavated Sodom and Gomorrah of Genesis 19 also in Jordan, near the Dead Sea – and learn about how these famously judged cities will be restored along with the rest of the Earth in Jesus’ Kingdom
  • And the ultimate treat – several days in Jerusalem, experiencing the old and the new, the sites, the sounds and the smells, again actually walking in places we are certain Jesus walked. And, while in Jerusalem, we will be sure to visit new U.S. Embassy there! What a photo op that will make!
  • Experience the beauty of a special Sabbath meal together in Jerusalem, prepared and presented by Elizabeth – in the uniquely Farah style

The theme of this tour in “restoration,” and that’s what those on the tour will experience personally while seeing the undeniable evidence of the Kingdom restoration already taking place in Israel today.

You will never be quite the same after this trip. It’s a refreshing of the spirit. It’s a connection with your Savior that will never be broken.

And that’s option No. 1, but you better act fast to secure the best airline fares available. If this sounds like the trip for you, visit the WND Israel Tour website now and call Coral Tours at 866-267-2511 today. Time is of the essence. Don’t put it off for another day.

Option No. 2: If a luxurious Mediterranean cruise is your idea of the best way to experience Israel, that’s how we will be doing it in September 2019:

  • Seven days on a five-star cruise ship, with five full days touring Israel
  • Lots of time for relaxing, private teachings in Jerusalem and aboard the ship
  • A visit to an ancient synagogue in Magdala, believed to be the congregation of Mary Magdalene, where Jesus most certainly taught
  • See the Dead Sea Scrolls explained by expert curator Dr. Adolfo Roitman
  • A private tour of the City of David with archaeologist Eli Shukron
  • A full day in Malta, visiting traditional sites as outlined in Acts 27-28
  • Five special dinners (Jerusalem, Galilee included) with private teachings
  • Luxury hotels like the Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem and the newest lakefront boutique hotel on the Sea of Galilee, when you’re not on the ship

Check out the amazing itinerary and accommodations here.

Every registrant will receive my new upcoming hardcover release, “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament,” signed by me, as well as my previous title, “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age.”

Place a deposit for this biblical cruise tour by Oct. 20, 2018, and you will receive a bonus personal tour with me, Elizabeth and Eli Shukron to the mysterious standing stone of Melchizedek.

Call our friends at Living Passages for more information or to reserve your spot now – 1-888-771-8717.

These are two entirely different types of Israel tours – something for everyone. In fact, why choose? Why not do both?

'We live like sardines'

(AFP) — VEREENIGING (SOUTH AFRICA) — “We live like sardines while white farmers live on hectares of land. Bring back our land!” declared Nthabiseng Tshivhenga, a black civil servant.

Her intervention prompted enthusiastic applause at a public hearing organised by parliament on the hugely sensitive issue of reforming land ownership in South Africa.

“Our forefathers were robbed of their dignity through brutal colonialists” who seized land, she said.