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Ex-Cohen Lawyer: Those in Trump Campaign Should Be Worried

The former lawyer for Michael Cohen said Wednesday that people who were associated with the Trump campaign should be worried when it comes to the Russia investigation.

Lanny Davis appeared on MSNBC shortly after Cohen was handed a three-year prison sentence for tax evasion and other federal charges.

“If I were Mr. Trump, I’d be nervous about that,” Davis said.

Regarding Trump’s children, Davis said they might not be safe from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe either.

“I would say they have a lot to worry about. Anybody associated with the Trump campaign has a lot to worry about.

“Bob Mueller, who’s akin to a submarine, silently fueled by facts and only facts with no leaks, and just watch and wait. And that’s what Mr. Cohen will do and then Michael will tell the truth once Mueller is finished with his work.”

Later in a statement sent to The Hill, Davis said Cohen will speak publicly about what he knows regarding President Donald Trump and his dealings with the man for whom he worked from 2006 to earlier this year.

“At the appropriate time . . . I look forward to assisting Michael to state publicly all he knows about Mr. Trump — and that includes any appropriate Congressional committee interested in the search for truth and the difference between facts and lies,” Davis said.

Mueller Probe: Flynn Asks for Community Service, Not Jail

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, one of the first people to get caught up in the Russia investigation, has requested he be given no jail time and offered to perform 200 hours of community service instead.

CNN reported Tuesday night Flynn, who will be sentenced Dec. 18 on one count of lying to the FBI, is seeking a light sentence. Special counsel Robert Mueller recommended no jail time for Flynn in a court filing last week.

Flynn’s cooperation with Mueller’s team, his lawyers wrote, “was not grudging or delayed. Rather, it preceded his guilty plea or any threatened indictment and began very shortly after he was first contacted for assistance by the special counsel’s Office.”

Flynn met with members of Mueller’s team 19 times over the past two years. He pleaded guilty one year ago to lying to the FBI about conversations during the presidential transition period with the then-Russian ambassador to the United States. His sentencing will mark the first time a White House official, former or current, has been punished as part of the Russia probe that started in May 2017 over allegations the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

Flynn has stayed largely out of the public eye over the last year and refrained from discussing the Russia investigation despite encouragement from his supporters to take an aggressive stance. In a public statement after his plea, Flynn said he cooperated with prosecutors because it was in “the best interests of my family and our country.”

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.

Report: Ex-Bears Coach Ditka's Heart Attack Was 'Massive'

Hall of Fame tight end and former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka had a massive heart attack the day before Thanksgiving, not a mild one as previously reported, The Athletic reports.

Ditka, who led the Bears to a Super Bowl title after the 1985 season, was playing golf in Florida when he started to feel weak.

His playing partners took him to a hospital, where he stayed for a week-and-a-half. Ditka, 79, had four stents inserted to open his arteries and a pacemaker to control his heartbeat.

“I got my ass kicked pretty good there, but I’m feeling a lot better,” he told The Athletic. “Every day I get stronger. I’m not exerting myself. When I exert myself is when I can feel it. So, things are good. If you had asked me two weeks ago, I couldn’t have said that.”

Ditka played 12 seasons in the NFL and made the Pro Bowl five times. He also coached the Bears and the New Orleans Saints, finishing with a 121-95 record in 14 years.

Per the Athletic, Ditka is undergoing treatment every day and says rehab has been slow but steady.

“I’m just going to take it easy,” he said. “I realize that I have been riding ’em hard and putting up wet for a lot of years. Time to slow down. I’m not getting any younger.”

Ditka also suffered a heart attack while coaching the Bears in 1988.

Trump: It 'Would Be Foolish' If Fed Raises Rates Next Week

Continuing his criticism of the Federal Reserve, President Donald Trump said it would be a mistake if the U.S. central bank raises interest rates when it meets next week, as has been anticipated.

“I think that would be foolish, but what can I say?” Trump told Reuters in an exclusive 30-minute interview from the Oval Office.

Trump added he needed the flexibility of lower interest rates to support the broader U.S. economy as he fights a growing trade battle against China, and potentially other countries.

“You have to understand, we’re fighting some trade battles and we’re winning. But I need accommodation too,” he said.

Trump named Jerome Powell as Fed chairman, but has repeatedly railed against him since he took over as head of the U.S. central bank last February. Trump in August told Reuters he was not “thrilled” with Powell’s raising interest rates.

Trump Administration Asks SCOTUS to Restore Asylum Ban

The Trump administration is seeking help from the Supreme Court as it tries to prevent illegal immigrants from being granted asylum.

According to The Hill, Solicitor General Noel Francisco formally requested Tuesday the nation’s high court look at the situation after a district court judge blocked a directive that would stop people who illegally came to the U.S. from requesting asylum status.

“The nationwide injunction prohibits the executive branch from implementing an interim final rule adopted to address an ongoing crisis at the southern border, with significant implications for ongoing diplomatic negotiations and foreign relations,” Francisco wrote in Tuesday’s court filing addressed to Justice Elena Kagan.

Last month, District Court Judge Jon Tigar ordered the government not to enforce the asylum directive first issued by President Donald Trump on Nov. 9 as a caravan of migrants was making its way from Central America to the United States.

“Whatever the scope of the president’s authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden,” Tigar wrote at the time.

Tigar’s decision came amid fierce opposition to the asylum ban from several groups.

“Respondents lack Article III standing because they are not aliens seeking to challenge the rule directly, but advocacy groups — essentially, lawyers represented by other lawyers — that claim injury based on their purported need to devote resources to adapt to the new policy and speculation about how the rule will affect their funding,” Francisco wrote.

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.

Flake Votes No, Pence Breaks Tie to Confirm Appeals Court Judge

Vice President Mike Pence was forced to step in and cast the tie breaking vote for a judicial nominee Tuesday because Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., has vowed to oppose all judicial picks until the Senate votes on legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller.

According to The Hill, Jonathan Kobes was confirmed to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals via a 51-50 vote. Pence was presiding over the Senate chamber at the time and had to give a “yes” vote to break a 50-50 tie.

Kobes’ nomination advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Committee in October. At the time, Flake was not trying to force the Mueller vote and he voted in favor of Kobes.

In November, Flake announced he will vote “no” to all judicial nominees until the Senate takes up a bill that would vote to prevent President Donald Trump from firing Mueller, who is leading the Russia investigation.